Pro series 3000- 10,000 Litres

Kim Bailey
VP Marketing
Trevor Sinclair
VP Acocounts
Standard Features
  • UV stabilized polyethylene tank

  • Turbo agitator

  • Tank flushing sprinklers, hydraulic lift and fold boom. Boom to be self-leveling with the lift ram to be on the nitrogen accumulator for suspension purposes

  • hydraulic tilt rams

  • bi-folding which allows operator to fold outer/breakaways in and spray with inner booms in spraying mode

  • Boom plumbed with Tee jet non-drip nozzle bodies. Nozzle bodies to be mounted behind boom for complete protection

  • Booms plumbed with Tee Jet tripe nozzle bodies

  • One set of Tee Jet nozzles of your choice

  • Electric fence line nozzles on both sides of boom

  • Teejet 1” electric regulating valve

  • Hydraulic drive pump

  • Pump can be set up to be used as fill pump if needed

  • flush tank

  • 60L induction hopper with drum flushing nozzle, hopper rinse nozzle and agitation nozzle

  • Simple plumbing layout for ease of use and simple decontamination

  • Taps clearly labeled for simple operation

  • Fill manifold with large capacity banjo filter

  • 2x1 ½ pressure filters- first one self cleaning

  • Teejet spray components fitted throughout which are very common and easy to obtain

  • Steel work to be zinc primed with a powder coated finish

  • Sprayer set up ready for use with a rate controller – flow meter and electric regulating valve already on sprayer. Just need to plug a rate controller in

  • Mud guards and mud flaps

  • Spring suspension

Optional Extras

  • tow bar

  • airbag

  • road pack